Morgan Schutters


Show the people in your life you admire them

June 21, 2017

If you appreciate someone, tell them.

If you care about the hard work someone is doing in your company – open your mouth and speak!

A kind word of admiration can go a long way. And employees who feel valued, value your clients… they value other colleagues… they value their job and they value you!

Much like a masterpiece, a fine painting… your business, your company, your family, your world – are you artwork! You should be proud of what you’ve done in others lives and your own!

Stand back and admire the fine work God has done and how he has used your gifts and abilities to make a difference.

God admires his work on earth, and in your life and your world… admire what others are doing and have done, and what you’ve done and are doing and will continue to do!

When you find someone in your life who is outstanding, point it out. Take the time to focus on what they are doing and observe how they are doing it well. You might learn a lot. No matter what is happening, there are good things in everything that you can admire and learn from.

People are constantly bouncing from one project to the next, one conversation to the next… one activity to the next, one meal to the next – when they say we have become a ‘fast food society’ I can see what they mean! Most people are constantly on the go and never completing a task fully. Or they want it now, now now and are not patient enough to wait for something really great, or work on something to make it truly incredible! They settle for ‘ok’ or good instead of using a little harder… one step further to make it OUTSTANDING! Be that person that makes what you work on outstanding… and take notice, and thank the life who are outstanding also.

Culture Is Everything

June 20, 2017

I’ve been studying how to provide an atmosphere for your employees to thrive. It’s exciting to learn from other amazing business leaders how they are running their companies. Some say that if demand a culture of high performance, then the people who thrive in that environment will stay and the ones who don’t choose to rise to the occasion will leave.

So remember keep the culture on your team positive.

Keep the space your employees work in clean and energetic. The people who are negative and slow moving have to go!

Make sure your people know that you constantly want to help them improve their skills. Build a structure within your team that you that is focused on a united vision.

Vision is what guides the culture on the team. Your vision will grow with your people. Your people will grow within your vision. You need to be clear with your people why you’re doing what you’re doing. What is the motive behind your actions and why do you care? Tell them! Why are you passionate? Share you vision! Be vocal about where you are headed and then your people will be able to decide if their vision aligns with yours!

Put your numbers in front of the team all the time. Make sure they care about the numbers you care about. In real estate, for us, we make sure we talk about how many we have under contract for the month, for the quarter and where we are in relation to our goals. We talk about the overall goal of the year, the quarterly goal, and our weekly goals. We focus the most on daily numbers we need to hit: contacts, calls, appointments set, appointments gone on, agreements signed, contracts written, nurtures, and the number of new people we have added to our databank.

Always practice affirmations within your team. Speak with affirming, positive “I am” statements: for example: I am smart! I am strong, powerful, kind, helpful! I work hard for my clients! I am blessed! I am abundant!

Look at the tools you provide your people, and take account of those tools and systems: are we on track? Is there anything we can do better? What can we improve?

Never get complacent. Don’t forget that the best in the business say mastery can be very boring. But mastering something is also very gratifying.